September 19, 2018

We Got Him!! (Finally)

Good!  Great!  And I am glad he was killed by US troops.  And I am glad the sunuvabitch is dead so we don’t have to go through the ordeal of a trial, given the uncertainties at home (i.e. I really don’t think we have yet tested the lower limits of how firmly within the grasp of our own fundamentalists the Republicans are).  So, now, with this victory, I hope that America declares that the “War On Terrorism” is over.  We won.  Now, let’s get on with it.

 Don’t get me wrong, I think terrorism is still a threat, and we will have the threat of terrorism with us for the rest of our lives.  Which is why this “War” was a flawed idea from its inception:  you cannot “win” a war on a concept.  Particularly with a concept that depends on a point of view for definition (are the people who are actively, even violently, attempting to overturn the regimes in Libya or  Iran terrorists?  If so, are we at war with them, as well?  Etc.).  Worse, when you have the United States on a war footing, serious Constitutional violations become easier to inflict by those of a particular ideological bent (i.e. Bush with the Patriot Act, torture at Gitmo, wiretapping, etc.).

 So, again, good.  Great.  I hope we nail some of his underlings and copycats, and I hope we track and kill them around the world.  However, we will never get them all.  But, this morning there is a real cause for celebration.  The War on Terrorism is over.  We won.

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  1. skee says:

    I hope the iv drip doesn’t get turned up

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