September 26, 2018

We entered the Romanian market too late – Google VP

Mohammad Gawdat, Google vice president for emerging markets, said in an interview that his biggest regret is that the company did not enter the Romanian online market sooner, since the market was ready since 2007-2008. Gawdat believes the Romanian market has a very large development potential, precisely due to the fact internet is something yet unknown in rural areas. The Google vice president sees Romania as an environment where the internet giant has only begun expansion. Google’s income in Romania is estimated at several million Euro per year, while the online advertising market was estimated at 20-24 million Euro in 2010. According to data provided by Google, over 20,000 Romanian websites post ads from Google and receive money from the American company. On the other hand, in Romania there are firms that spend over one million dollars a year on ads through Google, and thousands of other companies that spend smaller amounts to promote themselves.

Source: Bucharest Herald (read more)

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