September 24, 2018

Victor Ponta: On Tuesday we’ll finalize list of Government. On May 7 we report to the Parliament for investiture

The new Premier Designate Victor Ponta said that on May 1 he would present the Social Liberal Union the list of nominations for the ministers’ portfolios and on May 7 he would report for Parliament to request the vote of investiture of the new Government. Victor Ponta also said that, in two or three days’ time, he would finalize the governing programme, whose main landmarks for the next six months he actually presented in Parliament on Friday. He said that he would nominate people for the future Government that have already been ministers or secretaries of state. Ponta refused to nominate somebody else except for leader of the Conservative Party Daniel Constantin, whom he mentioned as being one of the members of the future Government.

Source: AgerPres (read more)

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