September 21, 2018

Unification of the Right possible around PDL – Blaga

Crin Antonescu won’t stay forever at the helm of the National Liberal Party, and the unification of the Right is possible only around the Democratic Liberal Party, just as the political alliance “Justice and Truth” was forged, said Blaga, according to AGERPRES. “I never opposed such a Right-wing unification project. On the contrary, I have always supported it. We want the political Right to unify around the Democratic Liberal Party, respecting everyone else, but the base is here, this is where the heart of the Right lies,” he said. The PDL leader also spoke about his ex-party colleagues who did their best to splinter the Right, to break “chunks” off PDL and who now “so lovingly” talk about the unification of the Right. Blaga underscored that although PDL members outnumber the others several times, they definitely need them too, yet under certain conditions.

Source: Agerpres (read more)

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