September 20, 2018

UniCredit Leasing financing at EUR 275 million in 2012

Financing granted by UniCredit Leasing rose in 2012 by 6 % to EUR 274.7 million, accounting for over 20 % of the new financing volumes in the leasing market. The net consolidated profit of the group’s members remained flat at EUR 7.9 million. The share of auto in financing stood at 51 % and equipments – aircraft and renewable energy assets – reached 40 %. Financing in the renewable sector was EUR 42 million, helped by new projects.  Real estate financing had a 9 % share. UniCredit Leasing has lowered the car segment to 48 % of the total portfolio, as it seeks to tap additional industries. Equipments and real estate had a share of 30 % and 22 %, respectively.

Source: Business-Review (read more)

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