September 23, 2018

Transport Ministers Managed To Spend 1% Of EU Funds

The European Union allocated 4.57 billion euros to Romania between 2007 and 2013 for infrastructure. The Transportation Ministry had attracted as little as 47 million euros until December 2010 – i.e. 1% of the amount. This is the lowest percentage of EU funds attracted out of all the chapters, although this was the sector that needed investments the most. An activity expected to drive Romania out of recession, such as infrastructure works, and, once the infrastructure was modernised, it would help goods transport companies and tourism. The situation could see allocations change because the EU is preparing to reallocate amounts for the 2007-2013 period. Some of the unspent money potentially are to be redistributed to other countries. The same people have been at the helm of the Transportation Ministry for years, and the results are showing today: the infrastructure is extremely poor, and the “free” money for building roads and motorways is stuck because of the Ministry’s inaction.

Source of the news: Ziarul Financiar

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