September 25, 2018

Transalpina nominated for an award of excellence

The highest road in Romania, Translapina, reaches a maximum of 2145 meters at Urdele. It was nominated for an award of excellence at its 10th edition of the International Forum for Sustainable Development in Paris. “Following correspondence of Gorj County Council President Ion Calinoiu and representatives of the Forum, we found that were nominated for this award, which would be awarded in October. Transalpina is a road with historical meanings that is accessible, and this is an extraordinary opportunity for the county tourism development and to create new jobs, “said Oana Palos, spokesman for the Gorj district Council. Contract to modernize Transalpina road, a road with a total distance of 148 kilometers on route Sebeş – Bengeşti was awarded in 2008 to the company Romstrade, controlled by businessman Nelu Iordache. Contract amounted to about 335 million in 2007 – 2010 was the most valuable work assigned by the National Company of Motorways and National Roads in Romania. Transalpina is not completely finished yet; on some parts are still missing safety parapets or markings.
Source: News Romania (read more)

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