September 23, 2018

Traian Basescu: Romanian universities can become development poles

President Traian Basescu said, in the message sent to students and professors on the occasion of the beginning of the new university year that Romanian universities can become development poles should they adapt their offer to the requirements on the labour market, writes AGERPRES. The President also said that an additional educational effort was needed to cope with globalisation. Also, Traian Basescu mentioned that ‘some of our universities are also research centres with future,’ ‘a great future that can be reached by accessing European funds allotted to Romania and, especially, by winning funds from Horizon 2020 programme. It is a major social responsibility of the universities focused on research of Romania to draw these funds and to direct them to powerful research and innovation structures. We have such a success example, ‘Extreme Light Infrastructure’ – ELI project, the most important research project in Romania’s history, a huge opportunity of setting our country on the map of global research.’

Source: Agerpres (read more)

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