September 21, 2018

Traian Băsescu: Romania in trouble if the Euro Zone enters a new recession

Romanian President Traian Basescu will participate on Monday in Brussels at a special EU summit for the euro zone. The President said the country will be in difficulty if the euro zone enters recession. The president declared that a political plan of action must be created in order to stimulate growth and new jobs for young people. Considering the EU current situation, it is important to look at economic growth from a political point of view. If the area enters recession, such as analysts are saying, during the second part of 2012 Romania will have no further growth, the president said. He also said he is not inviting Romanians to leave to work abroad, “but we are still discussing a global labor market, maybe we can find fiscal instruments for this”. About the recent protests, he said these are natural generated by all the measures. After all, Romanians were the ones to pay the costs of austerity, now the politicians must pay for this.

Source: Bucharest Herald (read  more)


  1. Paul Brazier says:

    High TVA and middle men do not stimulate an economy. Why are most things more expensive in Romania. Business needs your help, be creative. This is what the people & business want to see and need. This weekend I was in the supermarket and most of the vegetables were imported, why!!

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