September 21, 2018

Traian Basescu and IMF, EC and WB joint delegation discuss the possibility of higher wages

According to the Presidential Administration, on Thursday Romanian President Traian Basescu talked to the joint delegation of the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the World Bank about the possibility of raising wages in the public sector. “Among others, the mission will evaluate, meeting the deficit targets, the progress of reforms at the state-owned companies, the agenda of eliminating the regulated prices for natural gas, the state of the bilateral contracts regarding electrical power, the absorption of the European funds. The possibility of increasing the wages in the public sector was also discussed,” the release reads. On occasion of the meeting at Cotroceni Palace, the main targets of this mission were discussed, taking into account the prospect of the macroeconomic situation of Romania and the stage of implementation of structural reforms meant to contribute to economic growth and a higher competitiveness.  The joint mission is here for the fifth review of the precautionary stand-by loan agreed with the Romanian authorities.

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