September 26, 2018

There is no guarantee we’ll find a solution to EU budget in January – Austria Chancellor

Visiting Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said during talks with Romanian President Traian Basescu at the presidential Cotroceni Palace that there is no guarantee to finding a solution to the European Union budget in January. Faymann made the remark as part of the talks about the conclusions of the European Council meeting from Nov. 22-23, on Basescu’s request. “I am sorry we had a range of contradictory discussions in front of ourselves. I think it is a tough mission for President Herman van Rompuy to find a common solution among these very different arguments. I think we do not have the guarantee we’ll find a solution in January. I am in favor of finding a solution, a compromise, but there are very different arguments between: we need more money for investments and a cut in the amount of money; agriculture; the first and the second pillar; about Great Britain’s allowance”, Faymann said, adding that “Britain has not stepped back a single centimetre, while Austria will lose the allowance”. He said he hoped the European Council president will find a solution to this case.
Source: Agerpres (read more)

And we as a community need to do more — in terms of professional learning, advocating for the resources we need, and educating the public about the challenges we face in implementation — to ensure it is a success

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