September 20, 2018

The PUG Of The Rosia Montana Commune And The PUZ For the Industrial Development Of The Area Are Perfectly Valid

The Independent Centre for Environmental Resources Development and Alburnus Maior Rosia Montana Association filed a request at the Cluj Tribunal. They wanted to suspend the ruling of the Local Council no. 1/2009 (HCL 1/2009) regarding the general urbanism plan (PUG) of the commune and the zonal urbanism plan (PUZ) for the industrial development of the area of Rosia Montana. Their request has been rejected by the ClujTribunal. Also, RMGC and the Local Council Rosia Montana filed a second appeal against the decision given by Alba Tribunal on 24 May 2011 to cancel HCL 1/ 2009 regarding PUZ and PUG. The law says that the decision of Alba Tribunal is suspended starting with the date when it is appealed and until an irrevocable decision is rendered. Thus, at this moment, the PUZ and PUG documentation is perfectly valid and applicable.

Source of the news: Nine o’clock (Read More)

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