September 23, 2018

The new Nokia phone with a 41MP camera

Among the new technology on show during the opening day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was a 41-megapixel Nokia smartphone. The 808 Pureview offers enhanced low-light performance as well as sophisticated image compression designed to help users share pictures. Nokia hopes to regain ground lost to Google and Apple in the mobile market. However, some have criticized Nokia’s decision to use its own operating system, Symbian, on the device. Nokia’s other smartphones typically run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone software. Symbian, which first appeared on Nokia phones in the 90s, is widely regarded as inferior to the app and social media-driven Windows Phone system. Nokia claims the 808 sets a “new industry standard” in mobile imaging devices. Nokia say the 808 will set a “new industry standard” for mobile imaging.

Source: Bucharest Herald (read more)

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