September 20, 2018

Tenders of RON 70 M cancelled by the Economy Ministry

A press release from the Economy Ministry announced that the institution canceled four tenders organized last year. The tenders had a total value of RON 70 M (EUR 15.2 M) and concerned the closing down of mines. The Ministry claimed that the tender winners were selected “preferentially” and the procedures will thus be resumed. The tenders took place through the Ministry of Economy’s General Department of Public Procurements, Concessions and Internal Services. The institution organized an audit, discovering a series of irregularities in its activity. “The audit revealed the fact that the tenders were organized in August 2011 so that only certain companies would win,” the communiqué also shows. Here are the companies that won the tenders: ECO Iinvest, Hidroconstructia, TPSUT Mehedinti, Drupo, Petro Construct, Iridex Group Constructii and Cartel BAU. The tenders will be resumed.

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