June 21, 2018

Survey shows economic growth and a drop in unemployment in 2013 in Romania

A GfK survey on consumer climate in Europe and the USA showed that Romania will record economic growth of 0.7 % to 1 % in the first quarter of 2013, while unemployment is dropping. According to the study, “Although economic growth last year was only 0.3 %, economic experts predict an increase of 0.7 % to 1 % for the first quarter of 2013. For this year as a whole, the European Commission is forecasting growth of 1.6 %. Unemployment already dropped quite markedly over the course of last year. In January 2012, the rate was 7.4 %, but it had fallen to 6.7 % by February this year. Only youth unemployment remains at a high level of around 23 %. However, inflation could become a problem over the next few months. According to the European Commission, it is currently 3.8 %, but experts are anticipating an increase to 4.6 % this year. Food prices, in particular, will be driving prices upwards in the first half of the year. Energy prices are also set to rise further over the coming months and years as a result of deregulation on the energy market”. The barometer referring to economic expectations in Romania shows a slump by 13.6 points, while income exceptions indicate a drop by 5.4 % and the willingness to buy a drop by 18.3 points.
Source: Agerpres (read more)

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