September 25, 2018

Statistic: Employees No. To Stay The Same. Prices Will Go Up This Summer

A survey conducted by the National Statistics Institute (INS) shows that company managers estimate for June-August this year a more intense activity in industry, construction, commerce and services. The year will also be marked with a relative stability of the number of employees and an increase of products’ prices. The Managers participating in the conjectural survey of June 2011 estimated for the next three months a moderate increase of the processing industry’s output (conjectural balance +11 %) and of industrial prices (conjectural balance +8 %). They expect the number of employees to mostly stay unchanged, with a conjectural balance of just 1 pc per total processing industry (+2 % for very large companies with more than 500 employees).

Source of the news: Nine o’clock (Read More)

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