September 23, 2018

South Africa wants closer ties with Romania

At a recently organized roundtable, the South African Embassy in Romania called for closer ties with Romania to highlight business opportunities between the two countries. The two countries have just celebrated ten years of diplomatic relations. New Europe Property Investment (NEPI) is the most important South African investor in Romania, owning 26 income-producing properties and two developments worth EUR 341 million at end-2011. The recent acquisition of Romanian car battery producer Rombat by South African Metair Investments for EUR 42.8 million proves the African nation sees Romania as an investment opportunity, said roundtable participants. The country closed its diplomatic representation in Romania during the 90s but reopened it a decade ago and there are plans to set up a chamber of commerce between the two countries in the next year. The ambassador said he keeps meeting people who believe they have opportunity in Romania.

Source: Business-Review (read more)

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