September 22, 2018

Sometimes What You Think Is Actually True

As you probably know, we have genes in our DNA that start shutting down systems as we get older.  Scientists believe that it is part of a necessary process instilled to cull the tribe, make way for the young, and refresh the stock.  And if you have been paying attention, it is the assertion of this blog that this process extends, also, to non-physical systems.  This is why your father, and his father, always thought that things were, somehow, better before, back in the good old days, despite all the evidence to the contrary.  It’s all part of the “process,” another way that nature prepares us to be “movin’ on.”

I mention this because, for quite some time now, I have been convinced that the leaders we have selected to lead us are not quite up to speed, not quite fit for the job.  Especially compared to the world leaders of my youth.  Actually, I tend to think of the world leaders of today as kind of breed of midgets.  Francois Holland vs. Charles DeGaulle, David Cameron vs. Harold Macmillan, Konrad Adenauer vs. Angela Merkel (????)  Give me a break!  But then, I had to admit:  I was getting older, and it was probably just “the process” (Oh, for those good old days!) taking over my mental capacities.

However, I am now half-way through the fourth volume of Robert Caro’s exquisitely detailed and completely sublime biography of Lyndon Johnson.  And it is enough to make me revise my opinion.  JFK and LBJ were simply made from different material, belonged to a different class of human, than the leaders we have today.  And, further:  to get out of this malaise the world now seems to find itself in we don’t need new economic policies, we don’t need a shift in thinking, we don’t need a liberal approach or a conservative approach.  What we need are real leaders.  And it would help very much for them to be heroic. 

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  1. pbloom says:

    You really think “Baines” was heroic? You think “genes” atrophy? You think “Fitz” was a genious? And, of course you believe today’s leaders are “dwarfs” in comparison. I’ve lived 7 decades and can attest that none of this is true. The difference between a “hero” and a “dwarf” in politics is “facebook, You tube, Twitter and “big brother and “exercise”.

  2. Matt B says:

    I think America’s elected leaders of yesteryear were better because they were from a different era, shaped by their experiences, hardships, and other factors. I also think that a large majority of them wanted to be elected because they actually wanted, and thought, they were doing good for America at large. I also believe the elected leaders of today think the same things but the number thinking this is no longer the majority and that number, I think, is shrinking every election cycle. Now it is just a ‘job’ and not service to the country (as it should be) and the powerful influence and perks that go with the job.

    I agree with pbloom’s comment about the social media and 24-hour news cycle. During yesteryear, the news media was as vast and the reporters and news agencies actually exercised judgment on what they reported (i.e., philandering by President’s, medical issues, etc.) and now it is ‘gotcha’ journalism. And, if they can’t find anything, they make something up and report it as fact…or at least.

  3. m says:

    Moving on – is not enough. Moving on – is not always the best way!
    Be there and stand for what you believe – another way!

    Even for just one second stop!
    See what was good and what was not so good.
    But it is the era of quick processes that are encouraged more or less.
    The results are what you can see.

    Take what you wanna take and move on.

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