September 23, 2018

Slow Jammin’ (With The Preezy)

People who read this blog in more than just a casual manner will know very well how often I whinge on about how fed up & disgusted I have lately become with the country where I was born. And, yet.. every so often there are moments that just make me…I mean, sometimes, there are things that happen that just … that just are so right.. ah, that just … well, that just couldn’t happen anywhere else.. that just make me think…

Recently, the Congress of the United States (by the way, have I told you lately what a colossal collection of dickheads both houses of Congress are?), in its infinite wisdom, and as a way to reduce the national deficit, has decided to double the interest rates on college loans (the Stafford loan program, that makes loans available to any student going to an accredited college). This really – and I mean really – pissed off President Obama (who was able to go to school only because he could take advantage of the Stafford loan program). So for the past week he has been going all around the country, giving two or three speeches a day, talking about how demonstrably stupid this is (and, by inference, how stupid the Congress is). I mean he is really ticked off about this. So ticked off he is willing to go anywhere, anytime and even go on late-night television to get his message out there.

Now, I know there will be much in the following video that many of you may not “get” (i.e. Pell Grants, Tim Tibow, Barack-Ness Monster, etc.). But watch this anyway and ask yourself: Could any other national leader pull this off, or be so cool? (And, for local yuks, try to imagine Buzescu doing this on a Romanian late-night talk show.) The answer is not just Only In America, but Only With This President. Yeah, okay, I’m proud…


  1. pbloom says:

    I grew up a liberal democrat in the 40′s, a product of Roosevelt, WPA, (works progress admin) GI-Bill, Levitown, lindy hop, malted milk shakes, and we survived. One thing remained constant…congress! a true representation of our third grade mindset.

  2. m says:

    Well it is great to have a President that is really concern about the access to education and about education.

    Education, education, education and then job/business creation – do not let the value, the people, to be waisted.

  3. Matt B says:

    Well, President Clinton stooped to this type of behavior by playing the sax and answering questions about his underwear so this is nothing new. However, when your message doesn’t resonant with, or is accepted by the populace, politicians turn to these types of activities in the hopes of remaining relevant.

    We don’t need a ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ President, we need a President that will get the country back on track. I believe this President has taken the wrong course from day one. The American economy is changing from a largely manufacturing business to one of a service and/or technology business. This transition started about 15-20 years ago with the advent of the internet.

    Unfortunately, this transition will take about another 10 years or so to be completed. It will take this long only because the outdated business models (here, I am talking of union membership, expected jobs upon graduating university, expected raises and pensions, etc.) have not kept pace with the technological advancements. Until the ‘gimme’ attitude of a large portion of the American population changes to a ‘how can I improve my life’ attitude, things will continue in a downward spiral.

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