September 21, 2018

Slacker Friday

This has been a tough week for me.  Very tough.  So, instead of dazzling you with my scintillating writing skills, overwhelming your imagination with powerful metaphors, or providing you profound analysis through the dissection of the intricacies of important and complex conundrums that you may have had trouble with, personally, interpreting by yourselves (such as why certain US states call their inhabitants particular names or how the NCAA tourney works), I have decided, as an alternative, to let it all hang out, and just let you know how I am feeling about world issues, in an “Up-Close & Personal” sort of way (along with, as a bonus, setting some sort of record for Word Length Of Sentence Construction, for which this sentence is now, officially, my entry submission [with only 125 words, but, who’s counting?]).  What I want to say is:  let’s chill, folks – instead, today, I want to give you a piece of my heart.  That’s all.

 Now, for faithful readers of this blog, for those who have been with me from the beginning, you know that I started off, intentionally, as an angry old man.  I kind of liked the persona because, in a genuine sense of the term, that was exactly how I felt, that was exactly who I am.  In particular, I was angry about US politics, and the way things were going in my country.  And I wanted an outlet, as I described in those early blogs – in a sort of full disclosure kind of way – to fully vent those frustrations.  And, vent I did.

 Now, have you noticed (and, again, I am speaking to that small, but distinct, loyal band that regularly reads the output here), that that spleen-voiding, full-out, F*ck You!, rage has been totally absent lately?  That instead your loyal correspondent has been waxing lyrically about fond memories, Spring birds singing in the tree-tops, and his favorite basketball teams?  You wanna know why?  Here’s the answer:  I..Simply..Don’t…Care.  Anymore.  And I hope:  Never.  I realized:  there’s nothing I can do about it.  I also realized:  it was only getting me upset.  And:  it wasn’t doing me any good to fulminate.  In fact, it was, probably, doing just the opposite.

 There was only one remaining problem.  I am, always have been, and (probably), always will be, a news “junkie.”  I just have to know what is going on.  It’s an addiction.  So, the resulting paradox:  how do I get my fix and not get ballistic?  The Answer?  I’m going to pay attention, I’m just going to treat it all as a joke.  See, below:
I struggle to make the best use of what I currently have while still seeing and planning for the possibilities of the future


  1. skee says:

    Don’t give up bro it’s the only exercise your heart gets

  2. John F says:


    I’ve known you and read your comments over the years (before your official blog even) and I think your politics and your expression of your politics have been even-handed and right-on.

    I know why you escaped the good olf SUA and went “east” young man to Romania in the early years after te revolution and I think, as an ex-ex-pat that returned to the USA – and I routinely ask “why didn’t I stay in Romania, USA Politics and policies are SO embarassing for the most part!”

    But then I read your news briefs and see the same silly politics as usual in Romania and I wonder “will things ever change”?

    Bottom line: I like the less calm Mike K, but I realize that you probably won’t be as stressed with your “new persona” :-)


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