September 21, 2018

Siniat set to build factory at Turceni

Formerly Lafarge Arcom Gips, Siniat Romania is going to start in March of next year the construction of a gypsum-cardboard plant at Turceni. “We have reached an agreement with the Turceni energy complex, which will provide the raw material for this factory, this being the reason why we take such investment into account,” said Marc-Andre Fritsche, general manager Siniat Romania. The plant will become operational in early 2015 at the soonest, a couple of tens of millions of euro investment, according to the Siniat official. The construction will be financed by Belgian group Etex, which holds Siniat Romania as well. Currently, the company owns a gypsum-cardboard factory in Bucharest, with a production capacity of circa 17 M sq. m, and a plaster factory at Aghiresu, Cluj Co, which makes circa 50 de kilo tons of plasters.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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