September 19, 2018

Sibiu, Brancusi and Roman fortresses on UNESCO list

Culture Minister Puiu Hasotti, declared in a press conference that the Roman fortresses along the lower Danube, Sibiu’s historic district and the Brancusi ensemble in Targu-Jiu are Romania’s priorities for the UNESCO World heritage list. He added that Rosia Montana joining Romania’s priority has not been approached. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, led by Kelemen Hunor at the time, launched in February 2010 a proceeding for Rosia Montana to be put on the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to Daniela Mihai, the focal point for the UNESCO Romania Commission is to conclude the dossier on Sibiu’s historic downtown becoming part of the UNESCO List, which has been rejected. “We are trying to put it again on the World Heritage Organization’s table, along with the Sighisoara historic district,” Daniela Mihai, who mentioned that the dossier is being worked on, and a relevant protocol has been struck with the Sibiu City Hall.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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