September 20, 2018

Saint Andrew’s Fair at the Peasant Museum this weekend

From Friday, November 29 until Sunday, December 1, between 10.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m., skilled craftsmen and artisans from throughout the country will gather at the Romanian Peasant National Museum (MNTR) to present a wide array of specifically Romanian handcrafted objects, reads a press release published on the Museum’s website. Visitors will have the chance to purchase spoons, whistles, clay and ceramic pots, wooden chairs, peasant women’s blouses, jewelry, peasant sandals, rugs, tree barks, wicker baskets, bowls, pots for cabbage meatballs, toys, religious icons, headkerchiefs, handpainted furniture, purses, troughs, spoon-holders, canopies, tablecloths, hope chests, peasant women’s skirts, shirts, and peasant women’s aprons, among others. Several workshops for children will be held during the three days of the fair, covering activities such as gingerbread making, wood processing, and gift making – including handmade Christmas cards, figurines, boxes, and ornaments -, as well as decorating little children’s boots for presents to be brought by Saint Nicholas. On Saturday, November 30, the play Copilaria lui Nica (‘Nica’s Childhood’) will be performed at Horia Bernea Studio.

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