July 20, 2018

Rosia Montana project in environmental impact assessment stage – Environment Ministry

The Environment Ministry (MMP) declares that it is managing the Rosia Montana project’s environmental impact assessment. According to the, the economic side of the project is the concern of the Ministry of Economy. An MMP release reads that “the Rosia Montana project is in the midst of the environmental impact assessment stage”. The assessment is done by a Technical Analysis Commission made up of representatives from the Environment Ministry, Health Ministry, Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry, Administration and Internal Affairs Ministry, Culture and National Patrimony Ministry, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry, Economy Ministry, Trade and Business Environment Ministry, Regional Development and Tourism Ministry, Romanian Academy, National Agency for Mineral Resources, Romania’s Geology Institute, National Environment Guard and National Water Administration. Several hundred people took part in a protest in Rosia Montana on Saturday, asking for mining to resume in the area and for “the right to employment and to a decent life.” The protesters gathered in the central square of Rosia Montana, sporting flags, banners and placards reading “down with unemployment,” “we’re sitting on gold and starving,” we want jobs not graves” and “we want to work, not to die.” The protesters came from Rosia Montana, but also from other mining towns in Alba and Hunedoara Counties. Cristian Albu, President of the ‘Future of Mining’ Union, stated on Saturday that the action was organized by the union and by Rosia Montana locals in order to show the country that they “have had enough” of having others talking about the investment in Rosia Montana. “We can no longer accept others asking for measures “for our rescue” in Bucharest squares, under the pretext that they want what’s good for us! We plan to tell the government that it’s time for it to take the decision to restart mining, to no longer postpone that decision and to show political responsibility and will, because we want jobs for us and our children. We want mining to have a future in Rosia Montana and in other parts of Romania,” Albu stated.

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