September 18, 2018

RON comes down to 4.558 per EUR 1

The Romanian national currency has slightly recovered, after weeks of pressure within the political circles following the impeachment referendum on President Traian Basescu. The RON continued to appreciate in the first part of the inter-banking session on Monday so that National Bank of Romania (BNR) released decreasing references for EUR and USD, to RON 4.558 for EUR 1 and RON 3.7086 per USD 1, the lows of the past two weeks. Thus, EUR rate dropped yesterday by RON 0.058, from RON 4.6118 to EUR 1 on Friday and the references rate for USD dropped by RON 0.489 from RON 3.7585 to USD 1. The reference rates on Monday dropped since the beginning of July for the foreign currencies mentioned have reached the lowest values of the two weeks. “Foreign players continue to close positions and volumes continue to be high. There is something trying to trigger it down we do not exclude BNR support”, a dealer said for Mediafax.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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