September 19, 2018

Romanians read more online news than the EU average; they score less in social media engagement – Eurostat

According to data gathered in the first quarter of this year by Eurostat, Romanian internet users read more news online than the EU average, but their level of engagement on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter is slightly lower than the European level. Thus, 73 % of Romanians who use the internet read online newspapers and news, which is above the 61 % average in the European Union. Lithuania and Estonia occupy the first positions in reading online news with 92 % and 91 % of online users doing so. Only 48 % of Romanians post comments on social networks, compared to 52 %, which is the EU average. At the same time, only 8 % of Romanian internet users use internet banking, which is among the lowest ratios in the EU, where the average is 54 %.

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