September 22, 2018

Romanian President Traian Basescu: Romania committed to materializing Black Sea seaways

Romanian President Traian Basescu stated on Tuesday at the opening of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Summit in Istanbul that Romania is very interested and committed to materializing the Black Sea’s seaways. “Romania’s commitment to the success of BSEC is profound and you can count on Romania as on a facilitator of consolidating cooperation at the Black Sea,” Basescu underlined. In what concerns the Black Sea Ring Highway, the President stated that Romania has already drawn-up the Romanian sector. “EU projects in this region are at the beginning,” Basescu added. He expressed his belief that the partnership for environment Romania is coordinating will continue to materialize and to obtain the desired results, at the same time expressing his hope that this will be followed by the partnership for transports managed by Greece and the partnership for energy coordinated by Bulgaria. Likewise, Basescu underlined that on its 20th anniversary BSEC needs an authentic reform in order to materialize cooperation projects.

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