September 18, 2018

Romanian pharmaceutical market sales go up by 3.1%

In 2012, the pharmaceutical market in Romania reported sales of 2.63 billion euros, 3.1% more than the year before, reads a survey by the market analysis company Cegedim Romania. The survey also expects a drop in the value of sales expressed in euros, while noting that the difficulties on the market have started to affect even the strongest companies. Overall forecasts for 2013 are modest, with an expected 1.4% rise in sales expressed in lei being most likely tantamount to a drop when it comes to sales expressed in euros or dollars. Last year’s increase in terms of lei stood at 8.3%, a little less than the Cegedim forecast of 8.9%, the market value standing at 11.71 billion lei. The Cegedim survey also shows that the market is negatively affected by measures to reduce state subsidies and extend payment deadlines, which means that fewer patients will be able to continue their treatment as before.
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