September 23, 2018

Romanian-Kazakhstani partnership training local administration workers

The partnership between Romania and Kazakhstan is for the development and implementation of strategic projects for lead civil servants and public institution managers of Kazakhstan. The management Kazakhstan’s NUR Otan School of Political Studies has been recently in Bucharest to set up a permanent framework of cooperation with Romanian institutions relevant for the training of civil servants in the central and local administration. On the Kazakhstani delegation representing the NUR Otan School for Political Studies of Kazakhstan there were Mrs. Bachyt Yessekina, head of ‘Higher Party’ school of PDP – NUR Otan, Professor PhD in economics, Mrs. Raushan K. Satova – doctor in economics, professor and associate member of the Academy of Engineering of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Mr. Sayabek K. Sakhiyev – head of PDP – NUR Otan Foreign Relations Department, professor and doctor in sciences. During their visit to Romania, the members of the Kazakhstani delegation had an official meeting with the representatives of the National Agency for Civil Servants, discussing concrete aspects of cooperation in the framework of exchanges of expertise for more effective career guidance for civil servants. During the three days of the visit, the Kazakhstani delegation met at the Romanian Parliament with Mrs. Sulfina Barbu, member of the Public Administration, Land Planning and Environment Committee of the Lower Chamber.

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