September 23, 2018

Romanian HoneyWood to make EUR 2 mln out of selling prefabricated wood houses this year

A wood prefabricated house can be lifted from the ground in up to three days. Also it is cheaper to build, environmentally friendly and has reduced costs with energy of up to 75 percent, says HoneyWood, a Romanian manufacturer of such buildings who after working in Western Europe for some 10 years has launched local operations this week. So far the company has built more than 150 such constructions in countries like France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. In 2012 alone it built 25 units and had total sales of EUR 1.7 million. This year it hopes to grow to 30 sold houses and a total turnover of about EUR 2 million. HoneyWood plans to further grow and to double its production capacity to 100 units per year by investing approximately EUR 1 million in its factory over the next three years.

Source: Business-Review () Another thing that is prevalent is most workplaces with a toxic environment a clique culture

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