September 21, 2018

Romanian exports of corn and wheat up 18 % y-o-y

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Romanian traders and farmers exported close to 4.6 million tons of wheat and corn in 2012, up 18 % y-o-y despite the fact that last year’s drought has reduced cereal output by as much as half for some crops. On the other hand, the drought has also led to higher global prices for cereals as numerous countries were affected. As a result, the value of Romania’s wheat and corn exports amounted to EUR 1.14 billion in 2012, up 28 % from the EUR 888.47 million reported in 2011. Last year’s wheat and corn exports represented about a third of the total agro-food exports (EUR 3.9 billion). Last year Romania has also imported some 1.23 million tons of cereals out of which wheat amounted to 0.53 million tons (EUR 118.6 million) and corn to 0.69 million tons (EUR 191.3 million). In 2012, one of the best farming years over the past decade for Romania due to good weather conditions, the agriculture sector generated an output of approximately EUR 18 billion (up 8.9 % y-o-y) out of which crop output generated EUR 12.8 billion ( up 12 % y-o-y).
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