September 25, 2018

Romanian eco building makes it to Natural Homes top 10 in the world

A Romanian eco building was included in the Natural Homes top. The house was built starting from an idea of architect Ileana Mavrodin, a member in the “Green House” project. The house is located in the western part of Romania, on the right shore of Nera river, close to the Banat village Sasca Romana. According to the website , Ileana Mavrodin used deco-friendly technologies to help Romanians rediscover local crafts and the spirit of communion with nature. The project aims to promote “a friendly, more gentle architecture and at the same time, ecological and at the same time a healthy life style, close to nature and respectful with the environment”, according to the official website of the project, . Top best “cob” houses in the world list included buildings from Canada, Great Britain, United States, Ukraine and South Africa.

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