September 21, 2018

Romanian Bus Rivals Mercedes Being Cheaper And With Air Conditioning

Last year, the Roman factory of Brasov started manufacturing a new model of city bus expected to win many contracts with municipalities from all over the country. The main target is Bucharest. The first Urban Crosstown bus was produced one year ago, but failed to spark the interest in Romania, mainly because municipalities have no money to buy new buses, so they resort to used vehicles when urgent needs arise. The Urban Crosstown bus is equipped has a EURO5 engine, low floor, technical devices meant to facilitate the access of physically impaired people, and a safety system that does not allow it to get in motion when doors are open.

Source of the news: Bucharest Herald () Sometimes this is about me – I may be communicating in a way that doesnt work for that family – but sometimes it can be about what school means for that person, family, or culture

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