September 21, 2018

Romanian Academy VP: Rosia Montana is seen as a controversial and dangerous project for Romania

On Friday, the Romanian Academy Vice President Ionel Valentin Vlad said that the Academy considers the Rosia Montana gold mining project as being “controversial and dangerous for Romania”. He made this statement while attending the debate titled Facts about Rosia Montana Project, staged by the delegation of the MEPs members of the Social Democratic Party. The academician said the board members of the institution he represents voted a document unveiling Romanian Academy’s stance on the Rosia Montana gold mining project. The document aims at “preventing an error with negative effects upon the community, the environment and the region-based archaeological vestiges and at revealing the risky consequences for the Romanian state.” Ionel Valentin Vlad also said the sodium cyanide used in the technological process and the salt loads residues are a major source of worry. According to him, the project violates an array of conventions and other EU legislation-related documents. In similar situations, other countries have been more cautious, by avoiding accepting the risk of engaging in such projects. He gave the example of Germany, where this kind of project is inconceivable, while Bulgaria and Armenia did not approve such projects.

Source: AgerPres (read more) bachelorarbeit schreiben

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