September 22, 2018

Romania will construct the LFR technology demonstrator – ALFRED

The Pitesti-based Nuclear Research Institute (RATEN ICN) joined Italy’s ANSALDO Nucleare and ENEA into the consortium charged with the implementation of the EUR 1 bln worth of ALFRED (Advanced Lead Fast Reactor European Demonstrator) project in Romania, following the signing of the relevant Agreement among the three parties, writes AGERPRES. According to the substantiation note accompanying the Government’s Decision approving the construction of the ALFRED project that will be installed on the platform of the Nuclear Research Institute of the Technologies for Nuclear Energy National Corporation located at Mioveni, the reason why the installation is being built is that ‘energy generated by nuclear fission is currently the main option ensuring sustainable, clean and globally competitive energy. The development of this project would help create at least 300 jobs for highly competent experts who should see to the technological development program and the operation of the installation.

Source: Agerpres (read more)

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