September 19, 2018

Romania to pay back17.7 million euro from EU funds

The European Commission (EC) called on Romania on Tuesday to refund an amount of 17.7 million euro from EU funds spent incorrectly on Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), similar requests being sent to other 21 Member States. According to a press release from the European Commission in Brussels for Romania body demanded recovery of EUR 12.5 million for weaknesses in controls on eligibility and cost beneficiaries, and lack of enforcement of sanctions under the measure ‘farm modernization’ of the European Agricultural Fund for rural Development (EAFRD). The European Commission also calculated the financial corrections for incomplete checks on parcels and records, worth 5.2 million euros, which would be but a net financial impact of 2.96 million, about 2.2 million the euro have already been recovered from previous patches.
Source: News Romania (read more)

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