September 19, 2018

Romania selects consultant for Romtelecom privatization

The Romanian Ministry for Information Society selected the consultant that will act on its behalf during the Romtelecom privatization process. The consultant will be a consortium made up from SSIF Swiss Capital S.A., UBS Limited, Musat și Asociații SPARL and BT Securities S.A.  Hogan Lovells, Transilvania Bank SA, KPMG Advisory SRL are subcontractors. At the moment, the Romanian state still has a 45.99 % stake in Romtelecom, while Greek group OTE owns the major share package of 54.01 %. German group Deutsche Telekom also has control in Romtelecom as it directly or indirectly owns 40 percent of the OTE shares.

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Source: Business-Review (read more)

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