September 19, 2018

Romania ready to join Schengen – Ponta

On Wednesday, Romanian Premier Victor Ponta stated at the start of the government meeting, that Romania is ready to join the Schengen Area, just as the European Commission spokesperson stated, and deemed that the political situation and elections in certain countries “will represent problems when it comes to our Schengen accession.” “Romania is ready to join Schengen. Nevertheless, the political situation, the elections in certain countries will probably represent problems when it comes to our Schengen accession. I will state on Monday, during my meeting with President Barroso, that Romania is ready for Schengen, just as the EC knows and most of the countries have stated, but now we are waiting for the elections to be over. There were elections in the Netherlands, now there are elections in other countries, in 2013, I suspect there will be elections in 2014 too. I believe that on this issue the Interior Minister should be careful to maintain all technical conditions, when the political decision will be taken in one country or the other, then maybe the personal lobbying matters too and President Basescu I believe will use his very good relation with Germany and other countries. We are prepared for Schengen, we will join Schengen when all EU states are ready,” Ponta stated.

Source: Bucharest Herald (read more)

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