September 19, 2018

Romania, net exporter of agrifood products

According to data released by the Ministry of Agriculture (MADR), Romania became net exporter of food products, with a surplus of USD 10 M after the first three quarters of the year, during which exports advanced by 22 pc to USD 4.6 bln (EUR 3.5 bln), while imports increased by half this figure. The surplus is still insignificant, but the evolution is spectacular, given that in the last 24 years that passed from the revolution, Romania was in a permanent deficit with this regard. Agrifood exports exploded after Romania’s accession to the European Union, so the economy witnessed a real miracle of Romanian food exports. For the last seven years, from 2007 until the end of Q3 this year, agrifood exports soared three times to EUR 3.5 bln, while imports only increased by 9.3 %.

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Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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