September 22, 2018

Romania in the top10 most attractive countries for green energy

According to Ernst &Young report ‘Renewable energy country attractiveness indices, Romania climbed for the first time in top 10 most attractive countries in the world for investments in wind energy at the beginning of 2012.”Its evolution throughout the year, even if slightly fluctuant has confirmed that our country offers one of the most attractive markets for clean energy investments. Romania has therefore successfully held on to its position, finishing the year in top 10 regarding wind energy, and on the 13th place regarding the aggregate indices for all forms of renewable energy. Also, emerging markets had positive evolutions in the classification, during 2012. Many markets launched performing programmes that fuelled fresh growth in the sector and it is anticipated that these trends will continue in 2013 too. Characterized by abundance of natural resources and increasing demand for energy, emerging markets were the big winners of the green energy sector in 2012. However, after eight years of new investments’ increase, this year apparently will bring a decline, following a record 2011. Yet, important green energy production capacities are still being installed, at costs that are slightly smaller than last year. Moreover, green energy investments and facilities continue to be driven by the activity of emerging markets, which are in full expansion. Moreover, there is still a lot of clean energy capacity being deployed, but it is significantly less expensive than last year. In addition, clean energy investment and installations continue to be propelled by activity in booming emerging markets. Clean energy has seen a growing role in the energy mix of corporations around the globe.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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