September 23, 2018

Romania construction sector in critical phase – Coface Survey

The Sectoral Risk Panorama, a quarterly publication of Coface Company focusing on the risks facing the various sectors from across the world shows that the Romanian construction sector keeps being in a critical phase. The most important factors having hit the construction sector in 2011 were the low population demand, which is currently undergoing an adjustment of the increasingly higher debt service-to-income ratio resulted from the increased interests and dropped payments, the fragile funding support from the bank sector, the foreign and government investments. After significant shrinkage recorded in 2009-2010, the year 2011 marked a slight recovery of the business for the construction companies, while the preliminary figures for this year point to stabilisation, Coface stressed. According to the Coface survey, Romania is one of the few new European Union members recording a trade surplus in steel products. This is due to the fact Romania is recording a structural surplus of the production capacity inherited from the time when its economy was centralised, which makes the local industry strongly dependent on foreign demand.

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