September 20, 2018

Romania attracts 0.5% of capital for real estate investments in Europe – DTZ

The capital available for investments in commercial properties in 2014 amounts to 120 billion dollars. That is 6% higher than the one estimated a month ago. According to a DTZ Echinox study, less than 0.5% arrives to Romania. Marius Grigorica, senior business analyst at DTZ Echinox said that even if no more than 0.5% of overall capital attracted for real estate investments for the European area, they estimate a gradual increase of investors’ interest for Romania in the next years due to attractive profits which can be obtained in a relatively low risk climate. He showed that most of the capital available has in view real estate investment opportunities in secondary markets following profit reduction in mature Western European markets.“This could be a favorable context for Romania, with big chances to attract attention of big investors because of market size and of the recent improvement of macroeconomic bases,” Grigorica added.

Source: Actmedia (read more)

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