September 21, 2018

Romania and France campaign for Heroes’ Path inclusion on UNESCO heritage list – Ambassador Gustin

French ambassador to Romania Philippe Gustin stated that both France and Romania are endeavoring to have the works of sculptor Constantin Brancusi included on the UNESCO Heritage List, writes AGERPRES. Gustin attended on Saturday a series of events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Calea Eroilor (Heroes’ Path) sculptural ensemble built by Brancusi in the south-eastern Romanian town of Targu Jiu. ‘The sculptural ensemble in Targu Jiu is the outcome of the working genius of Constantin Brancusi. This ensemble marks a development stage in monumental arts and abstract sculpture. The new current initiated by Brancusi is a progress in sculpture in the sense of a breakaway from the old concepts of art. This event should remind us that Brancusi and his works belong to the humankind’s heritage, a universal heritage. Romania and France have been endeavouring for the inclusion of the Heroes’ Path on the UNESCO World Heritage List,” said Gustin. The Heroes’ Path memorial was built to commemorate the nation’s heroes that were killed in a battle of October 14, 1916 at Podul Jiului, where old people, children and women managed to forestall the German troops that wanted to occupy the town.

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