September 24, 2018

Romania among countries exposed to crisis – Fitch

Romania is in 11th place in a 36-country table that Fitch Ratings compiled on the basis of risks entailed by exposure to the Euro Area’s debt crisis. Also, Romania is the best-ranked among emergent European countries that are in the upper third part of the table. Fitch does not forecast a capital markets crisis similar to the one registered in 2008-2009, but considers that the Euro Area crisis is capable of amplifying the investors’ fears and risk aversion, the financial evaluation company’s biannual world economic outlook report shows. The only non-European countries in the upper third part of the table are Vietnam (1st place), Tunisia (3rd place) and Morocco (12th place). Hungary is second, its high public debt and the government’s unorthodox financial policies undermining investor confidence and forcing the authorities to start negotiating a new aid programme with the IMF. Fitch pointed out that the most resilient states to the Euro Area crisis are those in Asia and the Middle East.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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