September 21, 2018


Hmmm.  I always knew there was some “other” reason I was so strongly attracted to Occupy Wall Street.  Now, one of my favorite writers, John Heilemann, has identified it for me.  Writing in the latest issue of New York magazine, Heilemann compares the Occupy movement to the whole Left-Hippie-Political thing of the 1960s I was so enamored with and became a part of (is the link, and I strongly recommend reading it).  I never thought of that before.  I guess because that whole thing I was a part of was…or seemed…uh, kind of more…romantic, I guess.  And when I first started reading the article, I still didn’t quite see the connection.  But there was a slide show attached to the article.  It’s just pictures of some of the participants.  Some pictures were just like portraits, some were of them in “action.”  All of them were in black and white and quite well done.  And that did it!  Total, instant, identification.  If I were in America, I would be there, with them.  And totally digging it…

Below, is an interview with the author.  Check out a classic clip of George Wallace.  And the current leader for Republican nomination for President (yuk, yuk).  And Chris Matthews – who is about my age – still just wholly doesn’t “get it.”  I was in Chicago in 1968, and the way he talks about it shows that he wasn’t.  He also, revealingly, talks about movement people having beards and that they “dress-for-the occasion (clothes) … sort of street theater.”  Yikes!!  “Something is happening, and you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Jones.”

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  1. Adrian Stanciu says:

    Occupy Wall Street is the left’s version of the Tea Party. Every bit as absurd, paranoid and partisan. Where has the center disappeared?

  2. John M. Tudor says:

    Interesting comments from a US left winger, given a strong seal of approval by another
    want-to-be lefty, making a leaving in a country almost annihilated by the official Bolshevik Left. Trotsky is not fully dead!! “Is it NOT what it is….. Mr. Jones??”

  3. Andrew says:

    Is there really any point in holding an election?

    Because whoever’s sorry ass wins the Republican nomination, its gonna get kicked to kingdom come by Obama – so why not just declare the incumbent the winner now and save hundreds of millions of dollars in poisonous advertising and meaningless election promises that won’t be kept?

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