September 21, 2018

Reason #158: I Read The News Today…Oh, Boy

 I began attending high-school in Indiana at Union Mills High School.  We were called the Union Mills Millers.  In my junior year my school and two other small high schools were consolidated into a school called South Central.  And, because the race for space was just starting to rev up, we were called the South Central Satellites.

 Now, because of Google Analytics, I can infer that about 20% of he people reading this blog are Americans (i.e. they have American IPs).  Therefore, I can safely assume that these people read the preceding paragraph without being startled or getting confused in any way (except, perhaps, by its blandness).  It did not have this effect on many of the other 80%.  In Romania high schools (or any schools for that matter) do not have school nick names or mascots.  (Satellites?  Around what do these satellites orbit?  What do these millers mill?)  I’m not saying its better or worse, but it is different.  And, after living here so long, many of these differences have become more discernible to me as particularly, peculiarly, distinctly American.  Sometimes these differences are funny, sometimes these differences make me proud, sometimes these differences are mind boggling.  Sometimes these differences are…deadly American.

 But let’s start out light, and move on from there shall we?

 Even when I lived in America I used to think it was, well, actually silly that state legislators would spend an inordinate amount of time debating what would be the “official” state flower, or “official” state song, or whatever.  For example, in Arizona, Petrified Wood is the “Official State Fossil; the Cactus Wren is the “Official State Bird,” and the Bola Tie is the “Official State Neckwear.”  Kinda makes you smile, doesn’t it – actual grown men debating back and forth until they finally reach adult compromise and make the Two-Tailed Swallowtail the “Official State Butterfly.”  Me, too – hee hee hee.  Until…They now want to create an “Official State Firearm”..

 And now, just a few short weeks after Representative Gabriella Giffords was shot through the head and six others were murdered in Tucson, Arizona Republican state legislators are pushing  through laws that will require universities to allow guns on campus, and that will allow individuals to carry firearms in public buildings, including the state capitol.  That’s not all: “If a state employee tried to stop you from bringing your semi-automatic Glock with its extended magazine into, say, the state Capitol, the state could make it up by letting you steal an elected official’s car.”  I am not making this up.  Here is the link.

 Good God!  Who Are These People?  What happened to the adults who used to run that country?

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