July 23, 2018

Producers of medicines in Romania expected to pay EUR 427 million clawback tax

Cristian Busoi, president of the Romania’s National Health Insurance House (CNAS), said last week, during the second Pharmaceutical Industry Roundtable, that Producers of medicines in Romania are expected to pay RON 1.9 billion (EUR 427 million) in clawback tax next year, in a scenario that does not take into account the update of the reimbursement drugs list. Busoi acknowledged the current level of the clawback contributions, accounting for between 16 and 20 % of a producer’s turnover, “cannot be easily supported” by producers of generics, which are drugs with expired patents, or by the innovative industry. The clawback came into force in 2009 in a move by the authorities to control the consumption of drugs. However, the contribution mechanism is on its fourth version to date and producers are claiming they have to finance the surplus consumption of drugs. The current clawback mechanism has been challenged in court by several producers, some of which have won favorable decisions to be relieved from paying it.
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