September 21, 2018

President Traian Basescu: Romania Should Maintain Goal To Join Eurozone In 2015

President Traian Basescu said Wednesday on national television TVR that Romania should maintain its goal to adopt the euro in 2015. He added he had talks about this matter with the prime minister and the central bank governor. According to the president, the Government will decide on a euro-adoption calendar Friday. Prime Minister Emil Boc said the Government will also adopt the country’s convergence program for 2011-2014 and discuss euro adoption. According to the draft convergence program for 2011-2014, Romania has given up its self-imposed 2015 deadline for euro adoption, saying the country will not be able to join the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM-II) before 2013-2014. The initial term was set for 2012.

Source of the news: Mediafax (Read More)

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