September 22, 2018

Premier Emil Boc – Romania 2020 Competitiveness Strategy bid

Prime Minister Emil Boc presented the country’s goals to achieve European standards in a meeting with a group of youth keen on participating in the dialogue on the subject of the Romania 2020 Competitiveness Declaration. Emil Boc also explained that the gaps separating Romania from the EU need to be removed as soon as possible. He also gave examples of past situations when politicians heedlessly adopted laws that lacked the necessary economic coverage. The Prime Minister also underscored that the European fiscal compact should not change as governments change, and that the document also spells out sanctions such as the lifting of the veto right, the withdrawal of EU funds or the rise in taxes. The people in attendance spoke about the need to enforce legislation in the creative industry field, about public-private partnerships that can be forged not only in the large-scale area of infrastructure, setting directions for investment and the allocation of European funds, business education.

Source: AgerPres (read more)

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