September 22, 2018

OECD countries average tax and social security increased by 0.1%

According to new data, across OECD countries the average tax and social security burden on employment incomes increased by 0.1 of a % to 35.6 % in 2012.  It increased in 19 out of 34 countries, fell in 14 and remained unchanged. The increases were largest in the Netherlands, Poland and the Slovak Republic (mainly due to increased rates and other changes to employer social security contribution) as well as Spain and Australia (due to higher statutory income tax rates).  This follows substantial increases in 2011. Since 2010, the tax burden has increased in 26 OECD countries and fallen in 7, partially reversing the reductions between 2007 and 2010. Over the past two years, income tax burdens have risen in 23 out of 34 countries, largely because a higher proportion of earnings was subject to tax as the value of tax free allowances and tax credits fell relative to earnings. In 2012, only 6 countries had higher statutory income tax rates for workers on average earnings than in 2010. This dataset will be available in Taxing Wages 2013, to be published on 10 May 2013.
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